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A “biomimetic” drone?

The creation of our UAVs draws its inspiration from the largest, oldest and most efficient engineering laboratory: nature. Drawing inspiration from what evolution has achieved to allow animals to fly allows us to create the drones that are the closest to the flight of a bird or a dragonfly. This approach is called biomimicry: reproducing what nature does best.

How our biomimetic drones fly

The secret of our drones comes from research and development work that has led to the creation of ultra-light engines and unprecedented kinematics. This patented technology is the key to successfully achieve such low weight on the scale.

The reproduction of animal wing flapping through biomimicry gives realism to our products, which move like real birds in their environment. Flapping flight or gliding, innovation is felt in every wing movement.

Our drones are:

Easy to control

Fast and precise, you will be able to make impressive figures

Fun and safe

Lightweight and without propeller. Safe for your environment.


A reinforced and flexible structure. Materials chosen to last.

10 years of existence and worldwide success

8 500 more backers

+ 15 000 users

9 775 followers

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“Tom managed to master his Bionic Bird in record time. He flies it so much better than I do and can land it in his hand!”
Marc (63) and Tom (9) - France

“We had a lot of fun flying it. My daughter was impressed that I control it in flight, and that it looks like a “real” animal.”
Shirley (31) and her daughter (4) - China

“It’s a small drone that moves by flapping its wings. People who see me flying it hallucinate every time!”
Martin (35) - United States

“What’s amazing about Bionic Bird is that it attracts real birds. They take it for one of their own!”
Arthur (27) - Hong Kong

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If you have any question or concern, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will answer as soon as possible.
Designed in France, our products benefit from such rigorous quality control that each bird is a prototype.
However, some birds require a simple adjustment from the first flights: watch our video tutorials, check if your answer is in the FAQ or download a manual in the Help section.
If by misfortune your product has a defect of any kind, please send us a message. Our customer service is one of the most efficient in the industry.

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