Bionic Bird offers a unique sensory experience – flying like a bird… With other birds! Bionic Bird’s power of attraction among sparrows and swallows creates a celestial dance that no drone pilot has ever seen before. But watch out! Bionic Bird also catches the eye of predators such as hawks that won’t hesitate to attack. Thankfully, there’s no need to worry about damage owing to its ultra robust body. Bionic Bird can also fly indoors if its tail is set to slow mode. In an enclosed space, it’s possible to perform acrobatic moves using just your fingertips. But beware, these lively tricks and manoeuvres have a tendency to put even the laziest of cats into an excited frenzy! This is also a great time to practice the subtleties of Bionic Bird’s steering from the comfort of your sofa.

Enjoy your flight!


Depending on the model, the charging device is different.
Bionic Bird “Premium” version charges on its egg: switched it on, (press the button under its base), when the egg stops flashing, the bird is charged. Bionic Bird “Deluxe” charges with its usb adapter: the bird is charged when the LED changes from red to blue.


Once the app starts, after reading the tutorial, the « find the bird » screen appears. As you switch on your bird, the name of your Bionic Bird (configurable) appears on the screen; you just need to click on it to be connected and move to the flying controls.


There are two important recommendations to follow in order to manage your first flights:
How to hold your smartphone: don’t hold it with the whole hand but position your phone flat on your four fingers, your thumb touching the screen to control the throttle
The second is to let the bird gain altitude comfortably after you launched it, for a few seconds, holding your smartphone flat, before starting to pilot.

Balancing the wings

Troubleshooting a bird that does not fly good straight out from the box is something easy. It may happen that the birds wings are not balanced resulting in getting hard to make it fly high. Small pieces of aluminum tapes are included in the box to fix this. Here is how to use them.


Wings and tails are easy to replace when broken or simply to customize your Bionic Bird.
The process is the same for all models. It is important to never pull the wing or the tail by the ends, but always closer to the base, which is robust.



If you have any questions or hesitations, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will answer as soon as possible.
Designed in France, our products benefit from such rigorous quality control that each bird is a prototype.
However, some birds require a simple adjustment from the first flights: watch our video tutorials, check if your answer is in the FAQ or download a manual in the Help section.
If by misfortune your product has a defect of any kind, please send us a message. Our after-sales service is one of the most efficient in the industry.


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