The MetaFly is easy to assemble and to handle. Nevertheless, like any flying object, it is necessary to get used to its handling, and some preliminary adjustments will allow you to go through these steps more quickly.
Let yourself be guided in pictures!

Enjoy your flight!


You received the MetaFly in kit form in its box. Here’s how to discover its contents and check that everything is there, then assemble the radio control.

The tail assembly

The first step is to assemble the tail, which weighs only 0.40 grams. Proceed delicately!

The wings

Now it’s time for the wings. They are also very light and made of carbon fibre with a diameter of 0.6 mm.
Here’s how to handle them without risk.

Assembling the rudder

The rudder allows the MetaFly to turn at low speed and even when gliding. It must be positioned on the steering system without pinching the small springs.

Legs assembly

The legs are essential for the balance of the MetaFly. They also allow the MetaFly to take off from the ground and to cushion falls. Here is how to put them in place.


Binding Process

The MetaFly and its radio control must be paired the first time to recognize each other. Then they will be linked forever, and you will be able to fly in the middle of dozens of other MetaFlies without interference problems.


To load your small robot, in a few minutes (13 in average), nothing could be simpler. Depending on your model, on the remote control or thanks to the USB charger.


Adjusting the tail angle

The tail allows the flight speed to be adjusted according to its angle of incidence. To begin, it is essential to set it to the minimum speed, especially indoors. When you are more confident, you can test the higher speeds progressively.

First flight settings

It’s time to go! You are now ready for your first flight.
Don’t forget these essential tips to make it a success.


Balancing the wings

Now your MetaFly is stubbornly turning only one way… Don’t panic, a very simple wing balancing will correct this problem. It is also advisable to fine-tune the settings from time to time to improve flight performance.

Tips to improve the take-off

The MetaFly requires a smooth surface and a little space in front of it to take off, as its legs have to slide a short distance before it takes off (a bit like an airplane). In some cases, a small operation on the legs can also improve things.




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